Old Town Vapor 12XT Angler Fishing Kayak

Product Features

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Old Town Vapor 12XT Angler Fishing Kayak
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Product Description

Old Town Kayaks Kayak Fishing fishermen steam 12XT – 12XT Vapor Kayak fishing offers a stable and comfortable ride for you fishing like the pros ships offer not just a step above the facilities, giving the right amount of features for fishermen start. You want to fish all day when you experience seat adjustment Comfort Flex XT with a padded backrest and safety. With thigh pads, a cup holder, adjustable foot pegs, and even a remnant of the wall with bungee sure, all you need to enjoy your time in the water. A panel molded into the cockpit of Board, a day aft and with a hinged lid, and a single e-pad storage for your GPS or iPod allows the necessary elements to maintain their power. 12XT Steam kayak fishermen are equipped with two recessed rod holders and an anchor to create the perfect fishing kayak.
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